Supervision Teams

Our technical department is responsible for the technical management of our fleet, providing advanced monitoring and knowledge on all relevant aspects.

The ultimate goals of our technical department is the high vessel utilization, cost-effective efficiency and the promotion of environmental awareness.

What makes us different?

Our technical department consists of ten teams - each team is responsible for up to eight vessels. We employ one of the largest technical departments worldwide, and we were among the highest ranked companies in top university graduates’ employment in regards to superintendent/ vessel ratio (3 employees per fleet, for six vessels on average). Our teams are subdivided into smaller groups assigned to particular vessels. This structure, which has been tested over many years, has delivered the highest KPIs and uptime in the demanding shipping industry.

How it works

Our supervisory system is enhanced by monitoring, organizational and analysis software and hardware. The core of our fleet monitoring system is called Enterprise, an integrated software system we developed in-house that includes a variety of modules, including the email exchange centre, the planned maintenance system, spares, and supplies, crewing, operations, and ISM administrator.

Collecting data from an online data acquisition and process system called the Waves business intelligence and analysis platform supports online monitoring system and big data analysis. Also, through specific routines and algorithms created to cover the company’s needs, Waves delivers automated analysis, alerting, predictions, reliable conclusions, mobile functions, historical data enhancement to boost performance and transparency for every ship.

The presence of personnel on board the vessel is one of the most critical elements for monitoring conditions, identifying any defects and maintenance points, and resolving technical issues. Each attending engineer carries out a complete superintendent inspection at predefined areas of interest, using a  detailed company’s checklist customized  based on individual vessel design and equipment.  Superintendent engineers have been trained on how to carry out the inspection in the most efficient way, using instruments including vibration meters, thermographic and inspection cameras, roughness and hardness gauges, etc. Additionally, our crew is always supported through online troubleshooting, easier communication, and safer operation.

What are the benefits?

All the hardware and software facilities mentioned above are continuously updated and built on state-of-the-art technologies and help to foster Danaos Shipping' leading position of technical and operational expertise. Through technology, superintendency is applied to the highest level via enhanced analysis, effective troubleshooting, problems’ prediction or detection and reaction which contributes to minimum downtime and operating expenses.

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