Crew Seminars and Training Programs

Throughout the year, Danaos Shipping conducts regular seminars for its crew and employees.

Here you’ll find a list of the latest and most successful training methodologies and techniques:



In-house Seminars

Damage Stability and Damage Control
Fuel Oil Management
Multi Cultural Teams and Effective Communication On Board
DG Cargo Handling and Transportation by Sea
METEO and Heavy Weather Avoidance LEVEL 1
METEO and Heavy Weather Avoidance LEVEL 2
METEO and Heavy Weather Avoidance LEVEL 3
Human Element in Shipping
Charter Party Peculiarities
ECDIS Awareness
IAMSAR (on schene coordinator)
Voyage Optimization
JEFS (Job Effectiveness through Satisfaction)
Crisis Management & Media Handling
Marine Environmental Awareness
Advanced training to RTFlex Engines
Introduction to Electronically Controlled ME Engines
Accident Analysis for Seafarers – Danaos Case studies
Maritime Resource Management (MRM)
Danaos Electricians Seminar

Pre-boarding Familiarization Training

Navigation, Bridge & Operational Procedures
Loading Programs (MACS3, TSB, ANKO)
Stability Booklet & Cargo Security Manual
Cargo Handling Procedures
Safety & Security Procedural Briefings
Environmental & Technical Procedural Briefings
Crew Procedural Briefings
Know Your Vessel System
Navigation Simulator - Ship Handling Refresh

In House Bridge Simulator Training

Ship Handling in All Conditions basis 10k & 13k TEU vessels
Bridge Resource Management (IMO model Course 1.22)
Bridge Safety procedures Assessment
Navigation and Operation Incidents Analysis-Case Studies Analysis

Outsourced Seminars

A variety of Oursourced Seminars is provided to cover
Professional requirements of Danaos' Seafarers and Office personnel.

In House Fire Fighting Simulator Training

The Fire Fighting – Pollution Digital Simulator functionality includes environments,
emergency equipment, watertight doors, fire flaps, and many more objects all
common to specific shipboard incidents which are essential
for STCW compliant Fire Fighting Training.

We train our Officers to tactical and strategic decision making to
combat fires onboard and pollution emanating from the vessel.







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