Our R&D department

Officially established in 2011, our R&D department falls under the umbrella of the Technical Department and consists of an R&D Manager, two Research Engineers and up to ten Fleet Engineers as peripheral staff.

Our objectives

Our goal is to be at the forefront of innovation, generating innovative concepts and developing our knowledge and competencies to address our clients’ needs in a changing and evolving maritime environment. We apply our knowledge and technical expertise to improve our fleet’s fuel efficiency and our environmental performance, thus maintaining our competitive advantage and leadership position in the shipping industry.

Good to know

Our R&D department studies…

… a great number of energy efficiency improvement measures and innovative vessel retrofit solutions that improve fuel efficiency and/or operational flexibility. This includes, among others, engine derating, propeller retrofit, bulbous bow optimisation, PIDs, engine tuning for SFOC improvement, advanced painting schemes application, air – layer application, container stowage optimisation, lashing optimisation, etc.

Our R&D department works on…

… deeply understanding and assessing the real benefit - both to efficiency and cost - of emerging technologies on energy saving and emissions’ reduction, including LNG for propulsion, SCR for NOx reduction, SOx scrubbers, etc. 

Our R&D department performs…

… feasibility and technical economic studies to assess systems from a variety of perspectives - technical, safety, economical - and propose equipment and modifications required for regulatory compliance e.g. BWTS, ECA, etc.

Our R&D department collaborates with…

… academic and industrial partners to develop knowledge and prepare for future technological advancements. Thanks to its R&D, Danaos Shipping was among the pioneers to study the container eco-design of the future back in 2011 in two JIPs with two major shipyards and classification societies. Other cooperations with industry partners include the application of  the Engine Hyper Cube thermodynamic model of main engine by Propulsion Analytics, for M/E performance assessment and the execution of a feasibility study related to WHR sustainability using DNVGL COSSMOS platform.

Our R&D department is engaged in…

… Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) studies and model tests with major research institutes and ship model basins to identify the effect of various operational parameters or design aspects on vessels' performance. Examples include hull roughness, trim, and weather effect. We are seeking to verify on a test scale the effectiveness of various energy efficiency retrofit options examined (eg.bulbous bow retrofit, propeller retrofit and others).

Our R&D department places focus on..

… ensuring the efficient and successful installation as well as the stable and reliable operation of the online data acquisition and process system on board company's vessels.

Our R&D department is involved in…

… the design and development of a business intelligence and analytics platform in cooperation with DMC. This will aggregate and analyze nearly real-time received data through our online data acquisition and process system to produce advanced performance assessment, energy efficiency, and operational control tools with inborn diagnosis functions. The design of all built-in algorithms and performance assessment models is the culmination of our accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Our R&D department produces…

…the Danaos Annual Environmental Report, which summarizes, among other things, the company’s environmental performance. At the same time, it monitors and evaluates the fleet’s annual energy efficiency goals and sets the new targets for the year to come. 

Our R&D department drives…

…the design and implementation of energy management systems and practices like ISO 50001 and the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP).

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