Danaos beats IMO target by 11 years

Environmental sustainability is a major commitment for every prudent owner and the necessity to align with the strict upcoming IMO decarbonization targets will definitely have a significant impact on shipping dynamics.

In Danaos we constantly examine the possibility of applying technical design improvements on our vessels, with a key driver being to adopt the necessary measures in order to ensure on time compliance with the upcoming strict regulatory regime.

In the above context, Danaos has calculated the fleet’s EEOI (grCO2/tn*miles) for the base year 2008. All vessels telegrams within 2008 were fetched, since all required data were available in mentioned daily reports; Fuel oil consumption, Diesel Oil consumption, nautical miles sailed and cargo o/b. Danaos carbon intensity for 2008 is 27.3 grCO2/ tn*miles while same index for 2019 is 15.99 gr- CO2/tn*miles, a 41.5 % reduction in the carbon intensity of our fleet!

Throughout the years from 2008 to 2019, the average carrying capacity of the fleet has been increased, several optimizations have been

carried out in order to make the vessels more efficient and along with the economies of scale effect, the operational performance indicator of Danaos Fleet has been significantly improved.

Along with necessary modifications/optimizations performed on the main engine in order to support speed reduction, Danaos has examined 38 energy efficiency improvement methods and invested on several of them such as bulbous bow optimization , propeller retrofit, low friction paints, propulsion improvement devices, draft increase and others.. Moreover,Danaos fully supports the Sea Routing optimization, developed from our charterers and vessels are guided accordingly in order to strictly follow the plan.

The necessity for evaluating the investments done led to the creation of a smart operational platform (WAVES) that analyzes and processes data as a decision making supporting tool. The platform then performs a comparison between the actual operating data and the data we had expected as a result of the investments made in each ship and goes on to produce automatic alerts in the event of deviations from the optimal operation, thereby always ensuring close monitoring and timely and effective response to any problem.

The result of the above strategy , was Danaos to be fully in line with IMO guidelines and targets, having reached the 2030 goals well in advance!

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